Healthcare Security

Secure the security presence that your healthcare facility deserves.


Experts in Healthcare Security

We operate a dedicated Healthcare Security Service. With over 12 years experience providing professional healthcare security services, we understand the Healthcare landscape of security requirements, and have a wealth of knowledge in effective planning, placement and monitoring of security within healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, clinics and medical centres. Our dedicated healthcare guards are trained for medical emergency response in a wide range of settings, including Emergency Departments, Duress Alarm Response, CCTV Monitoring and Visitor Screening.

Our Healthcare Security Services

We provide professional healthcare security services in many healthcare environments. Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Centres, Pharmacies and Emergency Departments, we have you covered.

Services We Provide:

Emergency Department Security
Hospital Security Officers (Static and Patrol Roving)
Duress Alarm Monitoring
Medical Emergency Assistance
Front Door Reception Duties
ID Checking
Staff Security Escort
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