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Effective Mobile Security Patrols

Our mobile security patrols provide for a distinctive security presence, that will prevent potential intruders from your premises. We are experienced with providing a total mobile patrol service for shopping centres, factories, warehouses, construction sites, local and gated communities, golf courses, entertainment venues and schools.

Benefits of Mobile Patrols

A highly visible security presence
Best deterrent for potential intruders
Element of surprise with non-standard staggered patrols
Lower insurance premiums
Protection of plant and machinery
Best Construction Site Security
Perimeter Fencing Serviceability

Fast Response

Our Mobile Patrols provide for not only random scheduling of patrols, but rapid alarm response, and are dispatched by our security control room monitoring service. We have a wealth of experience in operating and planning for the surprise element of staggered and random security patrols, and this service further displays to potential intruders that security could attend unannounced at any time.

Tailored Mobile Patrols

We can tailor a customised mobile security patrol schedule that places irregular scheduling into the patrol mix. This has the benefit of providing for an element of surprise to potential intruders and most certainly is the biggest deterrent to intruders. Specifically, we specialise in mobile patrol schedules for commercial and residential clients of healthcare facilities such as hospitals and aged care nursing homes, commercial and residential construction sites, factories, warehouses, pharmacies, gated communities and communities in general and shopping centres.
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