Security Officers and Guards

We're watching when you're not


Watching Out For You

Our security guards are hand picked to our high quality recruitment standards. We conduct extensive background checks, probity checks, education and licensing verification and character checks on all prospective security guards and our guards are also required to comply with our code of conduct and participate in ongoing training activities.

Static Security Guards

Present a visual deterrence with our static security officers. We can place guards strategically and plan for effective and efficient placement of static guards for maximum exposure to deter potential loss in corporate, retail, healthcare and general loss prevention duties. Our guards will comply with your corporate policies in achieving a total quality management of your policies and procedures.

Roving Security Guards

We provide professional deployment of roving guards and can development effective and efficient roving patrol schedules of guards customized for your environment and objectives. Our professional and well presented guards are experienced with roving duties, are loyal to your corporate policies and codes of conduct and ready to enforce with care, respect and diligence to your clients and employees, your corporate policies.

Concierge Front-of-House

Present the professional image that only we can provide. Our professional and well presented concierge and front-of-house security guards are sure to impress. We can manage identification checking, visitor screening and screening, security detection screening and general foyer and lobby style concierge security guard duties.

Retail Loss Prevention

Securing your cashflow while minimizing loss through theft is a heavy burden placed on the retail sector. With retail theft increasing, a professional and highly visible security presence provides a strong deterrant to potential theft. We can provide professionally suitable security staff in uniform or covert functions for your retail environment. Duties include static front door duties as well as roving covert and uniformed duties. You can trust us in securing your retail environment because we are the leaders in loss prevention and have met the needs of our retail clients in acquiring a satisfactory peace of mind for both clients and their employees while maintaining a professional and courteous response to your customers.
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